College Advisory And Resource Services (C.A.R.S.)

The resources you need for effective college preparation and placement

Our College Advisory and Resource Services (C.A.R.S.) program provides high school age players with an introduction to the college recruiting, scholarship, financial support, and selection process. The college process can be complex and often confusing. This program offers a comprehensive support system that will help guide the prospective student-athlete and the parents through the process of finding the right college for each individual.

The C.A.R.S. staff consists of highly qualified Colorado Rapids Directors, coaches, and administrators with experiences that range from the professional game to all levels of the college game. We also have partnerships and relationships with some of the most respected and qualified organizations in their respective fields, and we bring all of these resources and tools to our players and parents.

The program will be a blend of informational presentations and hands on workshops that will provide information on many different topics to help prepare student-athletes for an education and playing career at the collegiate level. Topics will include Resume Building, Cover Letting Writing, Identifying Schools, Recruiting Timelines, NCAA Eligibility Standards, SAT Vs. ACT Testing, NCAA Clearinghouse, Contacting Coaches, Communication with Coaches, Unofficial and Official Visits, Scholarships (both Athletic and Academic) and other questions that parents and student-athletes may have regarding the entire recruiting process. This service is available to all high school aged players on both the boys and girls side of the club. The Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club highly encourage that your son or daughter attend these sessions if they are interested in attending college regardless of whether they plan to play or not.

For more C.A.R.S program information please contact Andrew Kewley (

Find the right college program: the Sport Source

One of the benefits of the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club is our ability to provide more resources to all players within our club. Through our partnership with the Colorado Rapids, we have been able to arrange a unique opportunity for each high school age player to join The Sport Source, a web-based program that allows student athletes to create profiles, use a search engine to identify schools that might be a good academic and athletic fit and learn more about admissions, financial assistance and other topics related to finding the right college or University.

Through our partnership, each of our players receives a discount on the individual registration fee to utilize the features of the online program. You can learn more about the program here. The site is provided by the Colorado Rapids and Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club.

To access the resources this program offers, check out our E-College Counselor.

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