Please be sure to check your team's schedule before going to the fields!

Spring 2016 in-house schedules will be posted by 4:00 pm on 3/25/2016. 

Please check your schedules before each game as there could be changes. We look forward to seeing you all on the pitch!

Recreational teams should wear BURGUNDY uniforms as the home team - and WHITE uniforms as the away team.
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Date HomeTeam AwayTeam Start Time End Time Location Name Field Name
05/07/201610BC Golden Gorillas10BS Flying Dragons 9:30AM 10:00AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 1A
05/07/201610BS Stapleton Flames 110BC Killer Bees 9:30AM 10:00AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 1B
05/07/201610BC Cheetah Asteroids10BC Team Star Wars 9:30AM 10:00AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 1C
05/07/201610BC Killer Bees10BC Golden Gorillas10:00AM 10:30AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 1D
05/07/201610BS Flying Dragons10BC Cheetah Asteroids10:00AM 10:30AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 2A
05/07/201610BC Team Star Wars10BS Stapleton Flames 110:00AM 10:30AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 2B
05/07/201610BC Golden Gorillas10BC Team Star Wars10:30AM 11:00AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 2C
05/07/201610BC Cheetah Asteroids10BS Stapleton Flames 110:30AM 11:00AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 2D
05/07/201610BS Flying Dragons10BC Killer Bees10:30AM 11:00AMDSGP Grass FieldsDSGP 3B

Note: Highlighted Team(s) belong to Divisions expired before specified Match Date.


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